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Rubber Lining
Rubber Lining services have huge demand in different industries where priority is given on maintenance of equipments. These services are usually recommended for industries with corrosive environment. Ebonite and natural rubber are chosen as lining materials. Our service charge is affordable.
FRP Lining
FRP Lining services have vital role in protecting industrial equipments, especially storage tanks against chemical corrosion and other damaging factors that are common in corrosive environment. Affordable installation charge and application of quality approved raw materials are some of the main advantages of offered services.
Brick Lining
Brick Lining services are meant for safeguarding floor surface and vessel against heat, corrosion and abrasion. Rendered services are executed under the guidance of qualified personnel who use advanced technical knowledge.  Selection of raw materials and surface preparation for these services are done under the supervision of skilled professionals.
HDPE & PP Work
HDPE & PP Works are usually used in different industries to provide protection against UV rays, ozone and chemicals. As a reliable organization, we use only good quality raw materials while rendering these services. Our service charge is affordable and we guarantee about timely completion of assigned responsibility.
Hdpe Conical Tank
Hdpe Conical Tanks are known for their long lasting quality, accurate diameter and ease of maintenance. This array of HDPE items has excellent UV resistance properties. Simple to install, these have necessary storage capacity. Quality of these items has been tested on the basis of their resistance capacity and strength.
FRP Moulding Panari
FRP Molding Panaris are special types of equipments that are used for effortless separation of solid and liquid by using pressure filtration technology. As part of their mechanism, slurry is pumped inside filter press and is later separated from water under high pressure.
FRP Moulding Tank
FRP Molding Tanks have been produced by using standard quality sheet molding compound. Installed on concrete beam, this array of fiberglass reinforced plastic deserves praise for its excellent corrosion protection capacity. Light in weight, this range of items is simple to assemble.
FRP Scrubber
FRP Scrubbers are used for effective cleaning of dust particles, air and gas in different industries. Based on application type, these are offered in different height, internal and external diameter, weight and air volume options. Excellent dust removal performance is one of their key features.
FRP Moulding Cover
Designed by using latest technology, provided FRP Molding Covers are reckoned for their light weight, accurate diameter and excellent abrasion resistance properties. Advanced extrusion or blow molding technology has been used to develop this collection of cost effective FRP items.
FRP Vessels
Application of FRP Vessels can be noticed in mining, chemical processing, metallurgy and in other industries. These chemical proof vessels are appreciated for their ergonomic look, ease of maintenance and required storage capacity. These cost effective FRP items have long working life.
FRP Moulding Pipe
FRP Molding Pipes have wide application in chemical processing, power generation, sewage treatment and petroleum processing fields. Offered pipes are highly flexible and these can endure harsh weather. A number of quality testing procedures have been executed to ensure their quality.
Anti Corrosive Lining
Anti Corrosive Linings have been specially developed to safeguard pipes, water treatment plants, tanks and flanges against corrosion causing fluids and other factors. Light in weight, these are simple to install. These have accurate diameter and their surface finish remain intact for longer duration.
Settling Tanks
Settling Tanks are used for effective separation of liquid from sedimented solid. These tanks have key role in raising treatment performance of water treatment plants. These tanks require minimal installation space and their mechanism is simple to comprehend. Moreover, these are energy efficient.
Resin Coating MS Reactors
Resin Coating MS Reactors have been developed as per industry specified standard. Developed by using quality approved raw materials, these reactors are rust proof and these have high tensile strength. These highly durable equipments have seamless surface finish. Moreover, these are cost effective.